Spending Some Time With The Girls

Once again life has reared it’s ugly head and kept me from updating here like I should.  I have been extremely busy with Tai Chi, Yoga, Life Groups, Women’s Retreat meetings, Online Classes and just life in general.  However, I have found time to spend with the girls.  And here is some of the proof….

art museum sept 2014 001

art museum sept 2014 002 art museum sept 2014 004 art museum sept 2014 005 art museum sept 2014 008 art museum sept 2014 009 art museum sept 2014 010 art museum sept 2014 011 art museum sept 2014 012 art museum sept 2014 014 art museum sept 2014 015 art museum sept 2014 016 art museum sept 2014 017 art museum sept 2014 018 art museum sept 2014 023 art museum sept 2014 024 art museum sept 2014 025 art museum sept 2014 026

On Halloween night, the girls and I had a sleep-over at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (Night at the Museum!!).  We had a blast!  Monster kept telling me all night long, “Nana this is so much fun!”. The museum staff did a great job with their crafts, ghoulish science experiments, physics tests, food, IMAX and special exhibits.  I have a feeling we will definitely be doing this again next year.

The “blue” pictures are due to the funky lighting the museum had going on in one section.  There are several pictures of the girls building with what looks like popsickle sticks.  They are not.  They are called Keva Planks.  Tiny did NOT want to stop playing with them.  They are little planks of wood that are so perfectly planed that they will stand up on their own and make the perfect building medium.  Hmmmm……she may be getting a bag of those for Christmas.  An architect or engineer in the family would be a good thing.

dogs and dmns halloween 005 dogs and dmns halloween 006 dogs and dmns halloween 007 dogs and dmns halloween 008 dogs and dmns halloween 009 dogs and dmns halloween 012 dogs and dmns halloween 013 dogs and dmns halloween 014 dogs and dmns halloween 015 dogs and dmns halloween 016 dogs and dmns halloween 017 dogs and dmns halloween 018 dogs and dmns halloween 019 dogs and dmns halloween 020 dogs and dmns halloween 021 dogs and dmns halloween 022 dogs and dmns halloween 023 dogs and dmns halloween 024 dogs and dmns halloween 025 dogs and dmns halloween 026 dogs and dmns halloween 027 dogs and dmns halloween 031 dogs and dmns halloween 033 dogs and dmns halloween 034 dogs and dmns halloween 036 dogs and dmns halloween 037 dogs and dmns halloween 038 dogs and dmns halloween 039 dogs and dmns halloween 040 dogs and dmns halloween 041 dogs and dmns halloween 042 dogs and dmns halloween 043 dogs and dmns halloween 044 dogs and dmns halloween 045 dogs and dmns halloween 046

I’ve also been replacing some of my winter herbal stock.  I’ve got wild cherry bark tincture, elderberry tincture, and more Double E tincture ready and waiting for the icky season.

That’s all for the moment.  I’ll try to do better keeping up-to-date.

Have a great weekend!!


Busy, Busy, Busy

Once again it only SEEMS like I fell off the edge of the planet.  Nope, just been major busy here.  So, to start off I will give you some pictures.

First up, a day at the Nature and Science Museum with the girls.

dmns and inventory 1 009

dmns and inventory 1 012

dmns and inventory 1 029

dmns and inventory 1 031

dmns and inventory 1 037

Then, there was Tiny’s 6th birthday.  Yep, she’s 6!!!

ayda birthday 2014 plus 002

ayda birthday 2014 plus 011

ayda birthday 2014 plus 018

ayda birthday 2014 plus 016

And here’s my funny story from Tiny’s birthday dinner.  We went to a really cool restaurant down in Lakewood.  You choose your entrée, but they bring out a nice variety of sides to serve family-style.  One of those sides is pickled beets.  Well, one of the waiters (we were a huge party) reached next to me to set down one of the bowls.  When he did that I felt something cold and wet hit my head.  I reached up and touched the spot and my had came away wet and pink.  Yep, he had dribbled beet juice in my hair.  Oh well, at least the color matched!  He was so apologetic, but really it was just funny.

I’ve also been busy going to two exercise classes a week.  Yep, me….exercise.  But, I’m really loving my yoga class.  Yes, I am a bit of a masochist to enjoy being twisted into a pretzel for an hour and a half each week.  But, it feels soooo good, once  you untwist lol.  I’ve also started taking Tai Chi.  That class is going much slower since it’s a beginners class, but in a few months I should be able to do the full Yang style 24 Form Short Form from start to finish.  Sigh, right now I feel like a squeaky tin man trying to do the forms.  I will get better!

D.A.R. has started up again for the year. I discovered one of the ladies is from my hometown of Spring!  Small world indeed. I have also been asked to start taking over the Chaplain duties for the chapter.  Wow, that made me feel good.

In other news, I happen to work in a Union shop and voting for new Union positions has begun.  I agreed to accept the nomination for Sec/Treasurer.  However!!  When the nomination ballot came around for me to sign and accept, I discovered I had been nominated not only for Sec/Treasurer, but also for President AND Vice-President.  Now, understand I have NOT been active in the Union in the last several years plus I generally try to keep a low-profile at work.  So who in blue-blazes has discovered who I am that they would nominate me for all THAT!?! Of course I have no idea and the nominations committee won’t tell me.  Needless to say, I only accepted the nomination for Sec/Treas., but wow that was flattering.

I dont’ have any pictures because it cut kind of ugly, but I made another batch of soap and discovered a much easier method than I had been using.  Instead of melting the fats and oils and then having to wait for them to cool down before adding the lye mixture, I added first the fats and then the oils to the lye mixture and let the heat from the lye melt everything down.  I got my soap to trace after only about ten minutes with the stick blender. So much easier.  I made a plain batch this time just to test everything out and like I said it cut ugly because of the container I used as a mold.  But, I plan on making another batch with some fragrance oils and essential oils. Yay!!

That’s it for the moment.  Hope everyone has a great week!

Mesa Verde and Grand Canyon Vacation

We started our trip early on July 4th.  We headed for Cortez to spend the night.  Yeah, we could have made it all the way to the Grand Canyon in one fell swoop, but we wanted to see Mesa Verde too.  Plus, we really didn’t want to show up for vacation exhausted from the trip to get there.

We only had time to visit one of the cave dwellings before getting back on the road.  Several of the dwellings are only accessed by Ranger led tours which we didn’t have time to wait for either.  However, the one we were able to actually walk down to and investigate was pretty cool.  The top of the cave is still black from cook fires from so many years ago.  Hubby climbed down into one of the kivas.  Not this kid.  My claustrophobia would not have been a pretty thing to witness.  Honestly, I couldn’t imagine being down there with nothing but a fire for light.  *Shudder*.

Mesa Verde:

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 023vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 028vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 029

Corn grinding station:

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 034

Inside the Kiva

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 037

The rest of the cave dwelling we went into:

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 030vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 031

By lunchtime we were back on the road heading for Arizona.  We of course had to stop first at Four Corners (on the way back) for the obligatory picture standing in four states at once.

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 197vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 198

(May I just insert something here…..I appreciate the Native Americans in my family, but…….getting through the Navajo Nation was killer!  Sorry y’all, but it was like driving through Kansas….without the cornfields.  Oh my.)

We made it to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon just after lunch.  We stayed at the Thunderbird Lodge which is just steps from the rim of the Canyon.  The lodge itself is old, but it’s been updated and is very nice.  The beds were so comfortable I wanted to find a way to bring them home.

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 048vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 052Those two pictures were taken just out the back door of the lodge.  Yep, right on the rim.  Watch yer step!!

Some random pictures of the canyon from the Rim Trail.

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 060

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 066vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 127vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 135

Hermit’s Rest

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 070

I covet this fireplace

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 074

On Tuesday of our trip we went whitewater rafting.  This involved getting up at 3a.m. and driving to Peach Springs on the Hualapai reservation.  The Hualapai run a one day rafting trip and we took advantage of it.  I don’t have many pictures of going through the rapids because I was too busy holding on for dear life!  In fact, on the fourth rapid we went over we hit it sooooo hard that 5 of the 8 people in the raft ended up in the bottom of the raft.  Oh yeah, that was fun. Lol.

getting ready to board the bus for the trip down to the launch site

getting ready to board the bus for the trip down to the launch site

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 089

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 099vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 106

We were on the river about 5 hours before we offloaded to catch our flight out of the canyon.

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 120Hubby says helicopters were never meant to fly.  They merely beat the air into submission.  Sooooo, I can mark THAT off the bucket list.

We relaxed and hiked a bit the rest of our stay.  We even went to church one evening on the rim.

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 149I enjoy my normal contemporary worship services, but a few hymns every now and then never hurt anyone either.  We met fellow Christians from all over the country as well as Scotland and Germany.  Way cool.

The only thing we were not able to do was the mule ride.  But here’s some pictures of the trail they take and the mules ready for the trail.

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 144vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 053vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 054


Our last day there we were able to see some Native dancers perform.

vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 161vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 165vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 185vacation 2014 noelle 10th birthday 196


It was a wonderful week.  It was very relaxing with just the right amount of busy.

I hope everyone is having a great week.


Grab and Go Binder

I live in Colorado.  I live very close to where all the flooding happened recently.  It is only by the grace of God that we were not flooded ourselves.

Hearing that some of our friends were evacuated in the middle of the night and had to run around by flashlight frantically grabbing what they thought they would need for their three young daughters for an extended period really got me to thinking about our own preparedness efforts.  How prepared were we to evacuate at a moment’s notice? 

Ummmm……not very.

One thing that I got busy doing to rectify that situation was setting up a grab-and-go binder.  I had the idea pinned on Pinterest for a while and just hadn’t gotten around to doing anything about it. 

The website, www.yourownhomestore.com had some great printables for making up a binder and some great advice on what to carry in it.

If you were the victim of flooding, (or any other natural disaster) could you prove you lived in your home?  Could you prove your identity?  Could you prove you were married to your spouse?  Could you prove your dog belonged to you?  Would you have your homeowners insurance number memorized?  What if the unthinkable happened?  Do you and your spouse have a will?  Is it in an accessible place?

Enter the grab-and-go binder.  Should we ever have to leave our home at a moment’s notice, I can simply grab this binder (and my homemaking binder) and have everything I need to answer all of those questions positively.






The forms from the website were in more color, but I chose to print them in black and white to save on ink.  There are a lot  more pages in my binder with even more helpful information in the event of an evacuation.  So get busy!!! You never know when you too might need a Grab-and-Go binder yourself.

Now I’m off to revamp our 72-hour kits.

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Binder Love

I love binders.  I really do. 

I have binders for loads of things – recipes, diy recipes, gardening, preparedness, herbs and essential oils, etc. 



But, the one kind of binder I didn’t have before was a homemaking binder.  Many bloggers that I read advocate the use of one to help keep them on track.  However, I always thought I didn’t really need one because I don’t have little munchkins running around anymore, I don’t homeschool and I work outside the home 40 hours a week. 

I’m here to tell ya I’ve changed my tune.  I finally got curious enough to go surfing for homemaking binder ideas to see what was out there.  There were, of course, many that simply did not fit my needs.  And then I hit pay-dirt.  I found a site called A New Bee Homeschooler.  The ladies that write this blog have free homemaking binder printables that I could actually use.  And they’re pretty! Not every single page is workable for me, but so very many of them are that I decided to start printing them off and setting up my own binder.





I added a few pages from another website as well.


Now, I already had a fly-lady binder, so I simply added these additional pages to that one leaving out the cleaning pages that I didn’t need. 

I also made up some (not as pretty) pages for a few things I decided I needed in addtion to these pages.



Voila!  A homemaking binder that works for me! 

I’m so excited!

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Craft Day at the Art Museum

The girls and I spent another amazing day at the Art Museum.  We saw a special exhibit where everything was made out of buttons.  It was incredible!

Then it was off to make as many crafts as possible.  Our first stop was the quilting room.  Monster was so excited about learning how to sew!  They both made quilt squares for me to put into quilts for them.  Oh boy.  Now Nana has work to do.






We also made bandanas and played a little dress-up.






We made Tupu pins and Chinese rank badges.


We made monkey masks and hammed it up.


And then we each made a huswif.  These were used by soldiers to carry sewing and cleaning items into battle.  It’s where we get our word housewife from.



Once again we had an absolutely fabulous day together.


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Vacation Day 6

WARNING!!!!! If you are anti-gun, or if pictures of people firing weapons bothers you, you may want to skip this post. 

Wednesday, the guys went up to the mountains to fly-fish while I stayed home and caught up on a few things and basically was lazy.  Thursday, we went to the range.




I kinda stank on the rifle range.  My eye surgery has messed up my focus.  I need to go to a smaller range and work on it .  However, we also did the pistol range.





I think I sufficiently stopped the zombie invasion….lol!

It was another fun, hot, exhausting day.





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