Crazy Herb Lady

Yep, the Crazy Herb Lady strikes again.

I pulled a young friend to the “dark side” by kicking her settling-in-her-chest-coughing-head-ready-to-explode cold out in two days. I made up magnesium lotion for one friend and gave several other friends the recipe to make their own as they are too far away to deliver.

Last month I attended two different week-long sustainability, preparedness, homesteading, women’s health conferences. Without ever leaving the comfort of my living room. Yay!

So what new things have I been crafting since then you ask? Well, here’s my short list:

comfrey oil

bitters tincture – gentian root, angelica root, fennel seed

hormone and adrenal balancing tincture – vitex, schisandra berries, skullcap, dong quai

I’ve also been mixing up an anti-fatigue, adrenal support “elixir” every morning containing:

matcha tea

tulsi tea


chaga mushroom powder

cocoa powder

hemp seed

unsweetened coconut

Six nights a week I make up a very strong herbal infusion to drink the next day. I use the following in a daily rotation skipping Sunday:

Linden flower

Raspberry Leaf

Red Clover Tops

Nettle leaf

Comfrey leaf


My favorite herb providers love me right now.

I know the next question you are thinking is – “Do they work?”

Well, the tinctures are still brewing so I’ll have to let you know about those. The anti-fatigue elixir definitely helps. Most of the herbs in it are known as adaptagens meaning they will adapt to provide whatever your body needs at the moment. I’m wanting to add some powdered astragalus root and powdered ashwaganda and some powdered cordyceps mushrooms to it for even extra oomph. The herb infusions are more of a long-term support system than an immediate result kind of thing. But, shark-week is coming soon so we’ll see how the raspberry leaf and red clover tops do with that.

“Do they taste good?” People, this is medicine – it’s not SUPPOSED to taste good. Well, mostly. I do add some powdered or liquid stevia to my elixers and infusions, but in general those don’t taste bad. Now the tinctures? Well, the bitters are not supposed to be sweet, they are supposed to kick start your digestion. The other tinctures don’t usually taste too bad except that I don’t like the taste of vodka and that’s what I tincture with most of the time. But with tinctures I dilute then in a shot glass of water and then just slam then down so there’s not much time to taste them anyway.

I’m also trying to get rid of the extra carbs in my daily diet. Doing that will help with my fatigue issues as well, but it’s tough to cook two separate meals. Yeah, sometimes I cheat cuz I’m just lazy.

This crazy herb lady is very happy that God has provided the means to reboot our systems when they get out-of-whack. Now if can just get off my three different blood pressure meds. Sigh. But the crazy herb lady is also very cautious when dealing with necessary pharmaceuticals. I’ll get there no worries.

Have a great week my peeps!



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