New Directions

For awhile now I’ve been posting mostly about my granddaughters – Monster and Tiny.  Well, they have now moved to North Dakota with their mom and her new husband.  I’m really happy for their mom (and for them), but very sad for myself because now I don’t get to see them. The girls have been my life for 12 years.  They will always be a part of my life, but now it’s time to move on to other things.

What other things? Well, there’s a question.

I have a ton of interests. Too many really. I’m not really a Type A person, but I always seem to have a dozen different things going on at once. Right now, it’s time once again for Women’s Retreat. Then there’s getting seeds started for the garden in the greenhouse, getting the garden ready for planting in another couple of months, breeding my rabbits and getting ready for (hopefully) a gaggle of little fuzzballs, my step-son is coming out for a couple months to help his dad with projects that he can’t really physically do anymore, getting ready for my first trip to West Virginia this summer, sewing clothes for vacation, taking more herb courses, etc, etc. Sheesh, I need a nap just reading that.

So, I suppose I will just chronicle my days here – at least every so often. Some days are just routine going to work – coming home – doing dinner – lather, rinse, repeat. But, I do try to accomplish some of my goals each week.

Here’s something I’ve talked about before I think – meal planning.

I have a very finicky husband. Ugh. And I know he grew up the same way I did – “eat what’s on your plate or go hungry”. But, I got tired of him not eating what I would fix so I started coming home and asking him what he wanted that night. Bad idea. Mostly because he could rarely come up with an answer lol! So, I’m back to meal planning. But, I found a really cool way to do it.

If you are anything like me you probably have a dozen or more cookbooks and a bajillion recipes stored online and/or ripped out of magazines. I looooove cookbooks. My mom taught me to read cookbooks like they were novels.  But, sometimes that can be sensory overload when you are trying to meal plan.  So, I made a list of all the different meals we like – I aimed for 30 different main dishes.  Then, I wrote each main dish on a small post-it note. I actually used small colored post-it flags.  Those notes went into my planner on a laminated page so they would stick, but be easily moveable. I added some side dishes and a couple desserts to the post-it page as well.

Now on Sundays, I pull out my calendar and my bullet journal and my planner and start planning the next two weeks of meals.  You can do this every week or every month even.  I get paid every two weeks so that’s how I plan. First I look at my calendar to see what I have going on for the next two weeks.  Once a month I spend at the Union Hall for the general membership meeting. I never know how long that will last so I need to plan a crockpot meal for that night. I look on my post-it filled page and pick out something I can throw in the crockpot. That post-it is then moved to my meal planning page which is also laminated. Ok, one meal down 11 more to go.

Wait – what? Did I miscount? Nope. I rarely cook dinner on Sunday night. We eat lunch so late after church we just snack at night if we need anything.

Back to the post-it note meals. I try to mix up what I cook so I don’t do ground meat three nights in a row, and chicken only once a week. I decide what I will have time to cook on a given night, what we maybe haven’t had for a while, what I have an abundance of etc. I pull the appropriate post-it notes off and put them on the appropriate days on my meal planning page. Now, I take my bullet journal (I’ll show that in a later post) and record each days meals on the corresponding date.

One half to one hour of work and I have a major headache out of the way for the next two weeks. This method also helps me when it comes time to make my grocery list.

But what about all those recipes and cookbooks? Oh they still come in quite handy.  When I’m looking for something new to put into the rotation I’ll pull out my books and open up my online recipe program.

That’s it for now. I’m off to find a box for Matilda the rabbit to use for her soon-to-be babies.




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