Coming Up For Air

You know, when a so-called “friend” at work says “You should run for the Secretary/Treasurer position in the Union”, really….just run.  Argh!!  Two days a week I leave work four hours early and head over to the Union hall to pay bills, do the taxes, do the payroll, etc.  Then, once a month is the Executive Board meeting which I have to take notes at (and then transcribe them), and once a month is the Membership meeting which I also take notes for.  Then there’s monthly meetings with Management.  And disseminating information to my peers.  And strike-watch duties.  And informational picket duties.  And out-of-town training and National Convention.  Yeah, I was just supposed to write the checks.  Ha!

In other news, it’s also a bit scary when your church leadership realizes you can teach bible studies.  And head up Women’s Ministries.  And lead a Life Group.  And attend Leadership meetings once a month. And then you foolishly obey God and start going downtown once a month for Outreach.


And let us not forget DAR.  Oh no.  Just because it’s on summer break, don’t think for a minute that the new Regent doesn’t have your email AND your phone number.

I did manage to fit in a vacation. Hallelujah! Grown-ups at Disney World.  Oh yeah.

early 2015 pictures 101

Hubby got to drive a race car while we were there.

early 2015 pictures 118early 2015 pictures 121

We also did Animal Kingdom and I saw my giraffes, elephants, and lions.  Oh my!

early 2015 pictures 163

early 2015 pictures 169

early 2015 pictures 172

Somewhere in the last seven months I did have opportunities to see my girls too. We had loads of fun at the various museums in town.

early 2015 pictures 067early 2015 pictures 075

And I finally got my girls up to Boulder to the Celestial Seasonings plant.  They looooove tea.  Yep, that’s my girls!

early 2015 pictures 035Oh! And did I mention the Women’s Retreat?

early 2015 pictures 057Our speaker was phenomenal.  She lived in Israel for several years and has a huge heart for Jews and the nation of Israel.  Not to mention being a brilliant bible teacher.

My very sweet hubby got me a brand-new monster computer that he will be setting up  this weekend.  Three, yes THREE terabytes of memory.  Happy dance!! Do you have any idea just how many pictures and just how much music I can store now?  *evil laugh*

Ok, that’s it for now.  Maaaaybe life will slow down a bit.  Yeah…..right.

Have a great weekend!!



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