Garden Update June 2014 and Other News

garden june 2014 003

Spring/Summer is finally here!!!  I thought it would never warm up enough to really get the garden planted.  I was on FB today and one of my groups asked what everyone was growing this year.  I was a little shocked when I actually listed everything out.  Here’s what we’ve planted and/or bought for the garden:



yellow squash


tetragonia spinach

green onions




green beans

greasy beans





bell peppers

cubano peppers

jalapeno peppers

cayenne peppers

lemon balm






assorted colorful flowers to attract and keep bees

garden june 2014 004

garden june 2014 005

garden june 2014 006

garden june 2014 007

garden june 2014 002

(Do you see the mallow growing around the petunias?  I harvested tons of it from the yard already.  I also pulled purslane out of the main garden. I may try to dig it up and pot it next time I find some.  I love edible “weeds”)


Wow!  That’s a lot for the tiny space we have.  And I still want more!!!


The greenhouse is going to come in so handy next spring when I go to start my seeds.  I know I’m going to have to exercise  restraint or I will have watermelon in the back planter and corn growing by the driveway.  Wait.  Would that be bad? Lol.

In other news, I ordered more leaf-cutter bees.  They have arrived and are already hatching.  I saw one that had obviously just hatched from it’s cocoon.  It sat on the top of the bee house for a few minutes wriggling his butt and buzzing his wings before crawling off the edge and flying off.  They are sooo tiny compared to regular bees, but boy do they get the job done!  I already have some mason bee babies all cocooned up for next year in their bee box.  I’m hoping for lots more mason bee and leaf-cutter bee babies. Not to mention excessive pollination of my garden lol.

garden june 2014 001

Other than garden watching and tending I am frantically getting ready for vacation.  I spent so much time planning and preparing for my Women’s Retreat that now I’m scrambling to get everything ready for our trip.  Mostly that has meant ordering things for our rafting trip that we will do one day.  Who knew the Colorado River in the summer was still only 50 degrees?!?  That calls for rain suits and aqua shoes for the raft.  Going through the rapids WILL drench us head to toe and even though the air temp might be in the 100’s it will still be uber-cold from the water.  I also had to order a water-proof pouch for my camera.  No way I’m missing out on photo-ops.

That’s it for me for now.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week and Happy Father’s Day!!!

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