Girls-Only Weekend

I’m late posting this week due to my long weekend up in the mountains.  A friend and I went to the YMCA near Granby for the weekend and had a great time!

Some of my views:

girls weekend 5-8-14 003

girls weekend 5-8-14 002

We did some leather-work:

girls weekend 5-8-14 016girls weekend 5-8-14 017

Some archery (btw I found out I’m ambidexterous with a bow – I can hit the bullseye with either arm)

girls weekend 5-8-14 026

girls weekend 5-8-14 031

Did some wall-climbing (yeeeaaaahhhh…

girls weekend 5-8-14 033

Did some horseback riding:

girls weekend 5-8-14 052

Did some geo-caching:

girls weekend 5-8-14 013girls weekend 5-8-14 019girls weekend 5-8-14 025

Made some ceramics:

girls weekend 5-8-14 053

And just generally had a really great time.  I think the most stressful part of the weekend was deciding what to get off the buffet line.  Ahhhhh.

Hope everyone has been having a great week!









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