More Organizing and My Weekend

I’m still in organizing mode, so this weekend I set up more of my files in my new file cabinet.

organizing 42714 001


Several years ago, my company offered an organization course called GO.  It stands for Get Organized – simple huh?  Anyway, the basis of the system is a tickler file, something I never truly  understood how to use until I took this course.  The course itself was geared to the business world, but I tweaked the system to work at home.  The course is copyrighted so I can’t give you any of the cool specifics about it, but you can google it.  It’s a huge boon for parents to keep track of all the school papers that come home if nothing else. It’s also good for those non-monthly bills that I tend to forget about.  Argh!!

For the longest time I just had everything set up in a plastic file crate.  For awhile it sat on the dining room table, for awhile it was on the floor under my desk.  Once it was under my desk it got too inconvenient to deal with so I stopped doing it.  Well, I have decided to pick it back up now that I have a standing file cabinet next to my desk.  I spent an hour or so making file tabs yesterday, and now it is ready to go.

I’m still working on binder tabs for all my binders as well.  Once those are done, I will start printing out stuff that I have on my computer.  Yeah, yeah I know.  Why print it out when you can just turn on the computer and find what you want? Ever heard of an power outage?  Ever heard of a hard drive crashing?  Yeah.  I print.

I’m also climbing back into my homemaking binder.  I’ve let that slide for a little too long and it’s catching up to me.  When I do my routines, things run so much more smoothly.  I need that.  I’m way too flighty and ADD without my routines.

As a bonus, this weekend I got to spend some time with these ladies….

april 26 2014 day with girls and garden 006

april 26 2014 day with girls and garden 007I also went to the garden store and did this……

april 26 2014 day with girls and garden 002

april 26 2014 day with girls and garden 003

Sigh.  Of course, we had to cover the plants already in the ground tonight because the temps are going to drop a bit too low.  Everything else I had to bring inside.  Now, if I can just keep the cats from chowing down on my mint!

The new greenhouse is ready for concrete.  It’s just a matter of finding someone willing to do such a small job.  There’s no way hubby can tackle that part with his back.  Oh, he could do it, sure.  But, he wouldn’t walk for the next week.  I’m thinking we’ll just pay someone to do it. Lol.

With everything going on in my life, I NEED to be organized.  If not, things tend to fall through the cracks.  There’s just not enough hours in the day to squander them…..even if I do like spending time on Facebook.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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