Just Catching Up

It has definitely been a busy week around here.  Besides the ubiquitous day job, I also worked hard at finishing up the administrative details for the Women’s retreat next month.  I worked with my Worship Team leader to get the powerpoint done for the worship sessions as well.  I also attempted to make soap with another lady from my retreat team.  Sigh.  It failed.  I’m still not quite sure what  happened, but it was the first time I tried making soap with goats milk.  Hmmmmm.

On the home front, I’m working on getting a few more things organized.  You know how I love my binders.  I’m working on making divider tabs that will stick out enough to be seen when I use page protectors.  Yes, I could buy divider tabs that are wider, but honestly the packages in the store are waaaaaay too small for everything I need to do.  Plus, I have to go to Office Max or Office Depot to find them which is just enough out-of-the-way to make me not do it.  So, a little printer ink, a little card stock, a little tape and scissor time and it’s all good.  I’m finding my herb binder may need to be sub-divided into two or more binders.  I have just way too much information to fit in one binder.

Easter was yesterday and church was a total waste of makeup.  Yep, I sniffled through TWO services.  We did “cardboard testimonies” again and you’d think I would have learned my lesson from the first time, but nooooooo.  Not me.  It was, however, a very good day.  We had the obligatory ham and sweet potatoes for dinner, but since it’s just the two of us I didn’t go all-out.  I will still have loads of ham to put in the freezer.  It’s a good thing.

I’m now a week and a half out from my trip to Granby with a friend of mine.  Five (count them five!) of my friends and I all turn 50 this year.  One had a surprise birthday party with about 1/2 of the church showing up.  One is having a party at the church.  One is doing stuff with family.  And then myself and one other friend are doing a short road-trip together.  We’re going to the YMCA in Granby for a long weekend.  We plan on doing the climbing wall, the zip-line, archery, swimming, crafts, and anything else we can get into.  Can’t wait!

I’m going to be a bit boring for a couple of weeks.  My focus has got to be getting ready for the retreat and my trip.  I’ll keep everyone posted!

Hope you have a great week!



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