Making More Medicine

A few weeks ago, I went through my herb stash and decided it was time to make up some more medicine.  So, here’s what I made up:


There’s lobelia tincture, feverfew tincture, cayenne tincture, mullein tincture, and valerian tincture. I also mixed up some Chai coffee creamer lol.

Ah, all the things you can do with those tinctures.  Lobelia – it’s good for glandular problems, a few drops will stop you from throwing up or a larger dose is an emetic. Valerian – good as a general calming herb and for insomnia.  Mullein is good for coughs, earaches, glandular problems. Feverfew is, of course, good for migraines. Cayenne is good for colds, shock, heart attacks, and a host of other things.  Another couple of weeks and these tinctures will be ready to strain and bottle.

A few days ago I got in an order from Mountain Rose Herbs for elderberries, guarana seeds, and hawthorn berries.  I’ll be mixing up tinctures with all of them.

The elderberries are excellent for colds and flu.  The guarana seeds are good for energy, plus I’ll be trying a remedy using them for migraine next time I get one.  The hawthorn berries are good for heart issues.  I have high blood pressure (have for years) and I want to see if it helps any with that.  So, more medicine will be brewing up in my back bedroom once I get some more vodka.

A few herbs, some vodka and canning jars.  Much better than continuous trips to the doctor and pharmacy in my opinion.

Hope you’re having a great week!


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