Canning Chicken

Canning chicken is easy and cheap if you catch your chicken on sale.  A couple of months ago I bought 20 lbs of chicken breasts and they sat in my freezer until just a few days ago.  Life kept interrupting my canning plans lol. Finally, I decided I absolutely had to get the chicken canned up as I was down to my last three jars on the shelf.

So, I started with this…


I cut up the chicken into basically bite-sized pieces and stuffed them into clean pint jars. I wiped the rims of the jars with vinegar, put on the lids and rings and popped them into my pressure canner. I added no liquid and no salt.  You can add canning salt if you want to, but I generally don’t. I season the meat when I add it to my recipes. I did a full canner load of 17 jars.  It did take a bit of time to cut up all that chicken.  I ended up with a few chicken breasts left over after filling my jars, so they will be used up in a few days.

I brought the canner up to pressure and processed the jars for 75 minutes at 13 pounds of pressure for my altitude.  Because it was late, once they were finished processing I simply turned off the heat and left the jars in the canner overnight.  The next morning I took them out of the canner and set them on the counter to finish cooling.  All of my jars sealed just fine.  It’s not really recommended to leave jars in the canner overnight like that, but sometimes it just becomes necessary.  So far (knock on wood) I haven’t had any problems with it.

Now, I have this on my shelf….


If you have a pressure canner, but have been leery of canning meat…..don’t be! It’s simple and sooo convenient.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful first day of the new year!

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