Technical Difficulties

I usually love technology.  It does so many wonderful things.  Until it doesn’t.

Two weeks ago hubby upgraded my PC to Windows 7 and I upgraded my Office to 2013.  Hummmm.  We neglected to do two things – check the size of those programs compared to my hard drive and save my Kodak picture program before we wiped my hard drive.  Drat.

Those two programs used up my entire hard drive space so I am now working off an external hard drive (thank goodness we have a 1 terabyte drive) which makes things a little bit clunky, but do-able.  However, my Kodak program is gone forever.  I can’t find the program cd to reload it. Cry! Now I can’t play with my pictures before I upload them.

Then! On top of that!  WordPress stopped uploading my pictures into my posts.  What?! I did everything but stand on my head trying to get it to work.  Finally, tonight I found a work-around.  Sheesh! At least now I can start posting again and not feel like I have completely boring posts.  Well, no more than normal anyway lol. I’ll try to get caught up soon.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!


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