Sweet Dreams

I suffer from horrible insomnia.  If I’m not careful, it can trigger some pretty severe migraines so I like to make sure I sleep.  However, some nights I just can’t take my normal go-to-sleep medication.  Especially now when I’m out late two nights a week with Life Groups.  The medication takes a bit to kick-in and driving home after taking it would not be safe. So, what do I do?  I use my essential oils.

There are many blends out on the internet for helping you get to sleep, but most of them contain lavender.  Sorry, I just don’t like lavender enough to use it for this application.  Instead, I went to my list of essential oil properties and found alternatives to lavender that I do like that are still good for inducing sleep.  What I use:

Sweet orange


Clove bud

Vetiver – occasionally

On those nights when I can’t take my medications, I put a drop of each essential oil in a bowl and drop in one or two cotton balls.  Once the cotton balls absorb the oils I place them under my pillow case on both ends of my pillow.  That way, no matter which way I lay I will be able to smell the oils. 

These oils are so relaxing to me, they really help me get to sleep on those late nights.  I’m not sure if I can get off the pharmaceuticals yet, but if I do I’m sure these oils will be in my arsenal to do so.

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