Grab and Go Binder

I live in Colorado.  I live very close to where all the flooding happened recently.  It is only by the grace of God that we were not flooded ourselves.

Hearing that some of our friends were evacuated in the middle of the night and had to run around by flashlight frantically grabbing what they thought they would need for their three young daughters for an extended period really got me to thinking about our own preparedness efforts.  How prepared were we to evacuate at a moment’s notice? 

Ummmm……not very.

One thing that I got busy doing to rectify that situation was setting up a grab-and-go binder.  I had the idea pinned on Pinterest for a while and just hadn’t gotten around to doing anything about it. 

The website, had some great printables for making up a binder and some great advice on what to carry in it.

If you were the victim of flooding, (or any other natural disaster) could you prove you lived in your home?  Could you prove your identity?  Could you prove you were married to your spouse?  Could you prove your dog belonged to you?  Would you have your homeowners insurance number memorized?  What if the unthinkable happened?  Do you and your spouse have a will?  Is it in an accessible place?

Enter the grab-and-go binder.  Should we ever have to leave our home at a moment’s notice, I can simply grab this binder (and my homemaking binder) and have everything I need to answer all of those questions positively.






The forms from the website were in more color, but I chose to print them in black and white to save on ink.  There are a lot  more pages in my binder with even more helpful information in the event of an evacuation.  So get busy!!! You never know when you too might need a Grab-and-Go binder yourself.

Now I’m off to revamp our 72-hour kits.

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