Binder Love

I love binders.  I really do. 

I have binders for loads of things – recipes, diy recipes, gardening, preparedness, herbs and essential oils, etc. 



But, the one kind of binder I didn’t have before was a homemaking binder.  Many bloggers that I read advocate the use of one to help keep them on track.  However, I always thought I didn’t really need one because I don’t have little munchkins running around anymore, I don’t homeschool and I work outside the home 40 hours a week. 

I’m here to tell ya I’ve changed my tune.  I finally got curious enough to go surfing for homemaking binder ideas to see what was out there.  There were, of course, many that simply did not fit my needs.  And then I hit pay-dirt.  I found a site called A New Bee Homeschooler.  The ladies that write this blog have free homemaking binder printables that I could actually use.  And they’re pretty! Not every single page is workable for me, but so very many of them are that I decided to start printing them off and setting up my own binder.





I added a few pages from another website as well.


Now, I already had a fly-lady binder, so I simply added these additional pages to that one leaving out the cleaning pages that I didn’t need. 

I also made up some (not as pretty) pages for a few things I decided I needed in addtion to these pages.



Voila!  A homemaking binder that works for me! 

I’m so excited!

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