Brewing Up More Meds

I received another herb order the other day and decided it was time to brew up some more herbal meds.  First off, I’m trying a new arthritis oil to make a salve for my knees.  The one salve I already use is ok, but I’m hoping to make something a little stronger.  I have really bad knees. 


For this I took:

1/4 cup cayenne

1/8 cup frankencense

4 inches of ginger sliced

4 cloves of garlic crushed

olive oil

Place all ingredients into a pint canning jar, cover with olive oil and put on lid and ring.  I’ll water bath this in my crockpot on  low for three days.  Then I will strain the oil and make a salve by adding bees wax. 

Next I decided to make a glycerite of horehound.  Horehound is good for coughs and I want to add it to my arsenal of cold remedies.  I gave out my cherry bark tincture at work and it was well received with all the colds and flu that went around this season, so I figure I’ll bump it up with some horehound.  I’ll also be making an alcohol tincture of the horehound to mix with the glycerite, but the glycerine will make the flavor a little sweeter and easier to handle.


Into a pint canning jar, put horehound to about 3/4 of the jar.  Fill with glycerine being sure to stir it well to make sure it is full.  Then top with a lid and ring and water bath it in the crockpot for three days.  Strain out the herb and label the jar for future use.

I’ve got other tinctures brewing up in the back room to replace what was used during the last cold and flu season as well.  I want to be well prepared.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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