It’s cherry season!!  One of my favorite fruits.  Too bad hubby doesn’t share my enthusiasm. 

One of the stores in the area had an awesome sale on bing cherries so,of course, I stocked up.  To the tune of 20 pounds.  Now what to do with all that cherry goodness?

I will be canning up whole, pitted cherries in sugar syrup.  Since I’m the only one who likes them I’ll only be doing about 9 pints.  Then I’ll dehydrate some for use in granola and eating later.  Next, I’ll be making a few quarts of cherry cordial.


A quart jar, a cup of sugar, pitted cherries, vodka or brandy, and a few weeks and I will  have a wonderful cherry-flavored liquer.  Yum!

And last, but certainly not least, whatever is left from canning, dehydrating, and cordialing will simply be eaten out of hand.  Oh yay.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.


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