I’m A Beekeeper!

Well…..sort of. 

When I went into church yesterday, a friend waylaid me and said,”You have to go to the feed store and get some Mason bees!  They only have two packages left!”

And being the dutiful friend that I am…..I did, right after work today. I also got a Mason bee box.


The bees are currently residing in the crisper drawer of my refrigerator waiting to be released.

Mason bees don’t require a hive, they don’t make honey, but they are prolific polinators and that is exactly what I need for my garden.  We have had such a hard time growing cucumbers, squash and peppers and we really think it is because there are no bees.  So, having my own box of bees should take care of THAT problem lol.

Mason bees are also much more docile than regular honey bees and will hardly ever sting.  That’s a good thing since I’m deathly afraid of flying-stinging things.  They are also mostly immune to the mites decimating honeybee colonies and less susceptible to the pesticides that are also wiping out honeybee colonies.  Don’t even get me started on that one.

Now, as long as I provide them with plenty of things to pollinate and plenty of things to get pollen from, plus a nice little mud puddle, they should eat and pollinate and breed and fill up the breeding box and at the end of the season their babies should hibernate till next spring and start the process all over again. (Sorry for that horrible run-on sentence.)

Say a prayer for me and my bees!


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