Not much DIY-ing got done around here this week, but a whole bunch of cleaning did.  Hubby ripped out the grody, gross, yucky living room carpet and in order to do that I had to clean out and clear out the living room.  Now I have lovely hardwood floors and a much cleaner living room.  Now I just have to pick and choose what to put back and what to toss permanently. 

Oh!  And I got a new desk in the process too!  My old one was held up on a prayer and moving it to take out the carpet was going to be it’s final undoing, so hubby said order a new one.  Well, ok then!  So now I have a nice new, much sturdier desk. 

Hopefully I will get some more roast and beans canned up and some more yogurt made up this week, but other than that I’m in spring cleaning mode for a bit.  I’ll keep you updated!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!



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