Ode To Maya….R.I.P.

I didn’t post this weekend with any updates because I have been dealing with a very sick dog.  She was rushed to the emergency vet and required a blood transfusion to stabilize her.  In the end, even though she was well enough to come home, she did not recover.  She will be dearly missed.

Sengi in front and Maya in back

Sengi in front and Maya in back

My son saw her at the pound.  She was six months old.  He took a picture of her with  his phone and emailed it to me at work.  “She’s the one Mom.”  I wasn’t so sure.  I had just put down another dog from the pound who had distemper.  Was I really ready to do this again?  And a chihuahua mix?  Hubby and son both agreed I should do it.  So, my son was at the pound the morning she became available for adoption to pay the fee and make her ours.  A few days later, after her spaying, we picked her up and brought her home.

We named her Maya.  She was skittish and not all sure about us and convinced all men were evil.  She had been abused in her short life, but had some training as well.  She knew to sit and stay and she would play fetch.  She quickly adored our other dog Sengi.

Sengi and Maya became inseparable.  When we went on vacation, they were kenneled together.  When Sengi went for grooming, Maya moped.  If she needed to go outside, she made him go with her.  She depended on him at the dog park. The played together all the time.

Evenutally, she decided that not all men were evil.  Eventually, she decided that “Dad” was ok.  He was good for snuggles and belly rubs and treats.  Finally, she decided he was safe enough to demand these things from. 

She thought she was Cujo.  She was convinced she was a big dog in a small body.  I called her dryer-shrunk.  But she was terrified of everything too.  She would bark like crazy, but run and hide under the bed.

She was an equal opportunity bed snuggler.  She would start out snuggling Dad and end up snuggling up with Mom.  She enjoyed being under the covers on the cold nights.

She was my velcro puppy.  Wherever I was, she had to be.  I’ll miss that.

We loved you Maya.  You were a very good girl.  We will miss you.


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