Shopping and Experimenting

Yesterday was payday, so of course, it was also shopping day.  Looking at my list I realized I didn’t really need all that much.  I had to restock the dog food, the dog treats (one dog loves my homemade ones,the other one doesn’t so we go with store bought til I can find a recipe they both like), tomato products (sauce and paste) milk, bread, coffee, lunch meat, a couple of toilietries and paper products.  That left a bunch of money free. 

How did I get away with such a small list? Remember a while back when I talked about buying more ingredients and fewer products?  That’ll do it.  Mixing up 5 gallons of laundry detergent for $3 tends to save on the grocery budget.  Buying a gallon of vinegar for $3 instead of fabric softener for $5 plus all-purpose cleaner for another $5 saves money.  Then there’s the whole cooking from scratch thing rather than buying the packets and boxes.  After the initial investment, it really does save money and eventually you get to shopping periods where you really don’t need much because  you’re already stocked up.

So, what to do with the extra money.  Hmmm…….Not to worry, I have aplan. I’m calling this the experimental shopping period.  In additon to the regular stuff I needed I also bought bags of frozen vegies and potatoes to dehydrate in my new dehydrator.  Experiment!

I bought an extra half gallon of milk and a tub of active culture yogurt to make my own yogurt in the crockpot.  Experiment!

I’ll be picking up some roasts that are on sale today to try making jerky in the dehydrator.  Experiment!

Now, I could have used the excess money to pay down a bill or put into savings, but the experiments I am doing will serve me with saving me even more money down the road so I think it’s a fair trade.

Catching frozen vegies on sale and dehydrating them for future use saves money two ways – first because they are on sale and second because you are drying them so they don’t take up freezer space and continued electricity. 

Making my own yogurt saves me tons of money over the little tubs and I could use it to make faux sourcream and faux cream cheese.  That may not happen unless I start making gallons of it though cuz I just like to eat it lol.

And the jerky is another way to preserve meat that is on sale.  I could can it up and I have  in the past, but again, this is another way to preserve it for future use. Plus, hubby likes to snack on it at times and doing it myself is soooo much cheaper than buying in the little bags at the store. 

Now, if you want even more ways to save and experiment, check out The Welcoming House blog.  She has a wealth of information on doing things for yourself and saving money in the process.  She is, in fact, the instigator of many of this shopping periods experiments.

Oh!  And on Monday she has a new E-book coming out on herbs Yay!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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