Laundry Stain Remover

I am Pigpen on Charlie Brown.  Seriously.  I am a dirt-magnet.  I get more stains on my shirts than any grown woman should.  Especially when I’m cooking.  As such, I am in love with this stuff…


What I’m not in love with is the price tag.

So, when I found a formula for a laundry stain remover online I just had to try it out.  It consists of three ingredients, two of which are inexpensive and one I have on hand normally anyway.  Here’s the formula:

1 part Ammonia

1 part Dawn – regular blue formula

1 part water

That’s it. 


Does it work?

Oh yeah!  I wish I had thought to take before pictures, but I used it on the collar area of mne and hubbies winter jackets that were just ucky black and voila!  Clean as a whistle.  I also tried it on a grease stain on one of my shirts and it came out just fine where I normally would have used the Shout on it. 

This stuff can be used just before laundering or can be left to sit on really bad stains.  HOWEVER!!!!!  Do NOT use this stuff with bleach.  Ammonia and bleach do NOT mix. So, don’t use it on whites and then put bleach in the washer.  Not a good idea.  But for regular clothes, yeah go ahead.

This stuff is just pennies to mix up and lasts a good while even with my stain habit.  So give it a try.



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