New Year’s Goals and A Give-Away

Ok, so I’m a little behind on making my any resolutions for the new year.  Oh, but wait.  I don’t usually make resolutions so I guess I’m ok.  I do have goals for the new year though.

I want to can more. More meat, more produce, more convenience foods. I want to stock up more on staples. I want to reorganize areas of the house and storage areas to make them more usuable. I want to keep the house straighter and cleaner.  I want to read my bible more.  I want to actually study my bible more.  I want to do more with  my blog. I want to work more with herbs, both in cooking and medicinally.

Wait.  Those are dreams, not goals.  Dreams are pie-in-the-sky ideas with no plans for making them happen attached to them.  Goals have concrete ideas for making them happen.

So, I’m working on attaching plans to my dreams.  I’ve already started with the medicinal herbs.  I’ve gotten some of the herbs already processed and more are on the way.  I’m also working on putting together my own herb notebook where I can gather all of my herbal knowledge together in one place.  That’s going to take awhile.

I’ve started on a bible reading plan for the new year.  It’s been a slow start, but building any good new habit takes time.  At least the plan is in place. I’ve also started a bible study with my accountability partner.

I’ll keep working on putting plans to the dreams.  Next up is working on my blog and for that I thought I would try something new.  How about a giveaway?

I found a really cool Etsy shop over Christmas that has some pretty wonderful handmade soaps.  Soooo, I got a few extra to giveaway .

We have:

Citrus Sunrise


Seriously, I could just breathe this one in as aromatherapy.  It smells so good.

Then there is Almond Cookie.


So good you want to take a bite out of it.

Next is Oatmeal, Milk and Honey


A wonderful mild scent. I love this one.

And last, but certainly not least is Apple Orchard.


A light apple scent that is just perfect.  Yum.

So, one lucky winner will get all four of these wonderful soaps from Kleines Country Soap.


How to enter?  It’s easy.  Just leave me a comment telling me why you would like to win these.  I will pick a random winner on January 20th.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kat Wishard
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 18:40:03

    I would like to win these because of all the different scents! They all sound great, thanks for the chance to participate, Kat


  2. Rachel
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 14:00:34

    I would love to win these. I think the almond cookie one sounds amazing! Thanks for the giveaway.


  3. Millie
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 15:50:06

    I would like to win these soaps because when you use homemade soap the scent lingers on your skin for a long time and I love that I dont even need to wear perfume and I smell great. They sound like they would also make my dry skin feel better!


  4. Cate Harris
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 16:26:04

    I would love to win this because handmade soaps are better for everyone, and the scents sound amazing. I want to start making soap but don’t have time as being a full time student. Thank you for doing this.


  5. Taren Dixon
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 21:48:52

    I would like to win the soap because:
    -I love all things natural.
    -I never win anything.
    -The drawing is on my birthday.
    – To cheer me up because I’m turning 30:( lol
    -The scents sound wonderful!


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