Making Herbal Medicine

I got in my first order of herbs from the Bulk Herb Store.  Yay!!  I started off with some premixed items:  Arthritis Salve Mix, Green Salve Mix and Double E Immunity Booster.


The Green salve is for cuts, scrapes, boils, skin eruptions, etc.  I got it to try on a skin problem we are dealing with.  It certainly won’t hurt and it will be good to have on hand for normal stuff too.  The Arthritis salve is mainly for my knees.  They really give me fits in the winter.  But, oh boy do these herbs smell bad.  Yuck!  Have to remind myself  “It’s medicine.  It’s not suppsed to smell good.”  LOL.

For the salves, I first had to infuse some oil.  I filled a pint jar 2/3 full of the herbs and covered the herbs with olive oil up to the bottom ring of the jar.  Then it was into a water bath in the crockpot for three days.


After three days I strained off the herbs and collected the infused oil.


I measured the oil and added beeswax.



Once the wax was melted and I was happy with the consistancy, I poured it off into 4 ounce containers to cool and harden.


Yes, my stove is a mess and making salve didn’t make it any better either.

The Double E Immunity Booster herbs can be taken as a tea as needed, or they can be made into a tincture which I decided to do.  I filled a pint jar half full of the herbs and filled the jar the rest of the way with vodka.


Now, I will steep the herbs for 4 – 6 weeks. Once the herbs have steeped I will strain them off and keep the tincture in tincture bottles ready for the first sign of colds or flu. The tincture will keep in a cool, dark place for 3-5 years if needed, although I doubt this will last that long.  Plus, I have plenty of herbs left over to either make another batch of tincture or use it for tea. At least these herbs smell good, lol.

I placed my order today for my migraine herbs.  They should be here in a week or so and I will start the processes for brewing up the medicine from them. 

Can’t wait!

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