I love herbs.  I love cooking with them, but I especially love them medicinally.  The Bible says that God has given us every green plant for our use.  And oh what uses there are for them! 

I’ve been “studying” herbs medicinally for thirty years now.  I have several books on medicinal herbs and in fact just received a new one.  I learn new things about them regularly.  Garlic can kill an infection.  Cayenne can ease pain.  Cinnamon can lower blood sugar. Just the barest tip of the iceberg.

Just recently, however, I have found myself frustrated with some of the books and magazines I have picked up puporting to be all about using herbs medicinally.  I’m frustrated at the lack of “real” information contained in the books and magazines.  I Want More!!! 

I suppose I am just beyond the “brew a cup of chamomile tea for a headache” phase of medicinal herbology.  I have migraines. Killer, lay me out in bed all day even with heavy duty pharmaceutical help kind of migraines.  I need something that will get me off the pharmaceutical junk that has scary side-effects. 

Tell me what herbs I can use to do this and in what combinations and in what dosages and in what forms.  Surely, I’m not the only person in the world who wants to know this.  Tell me how to kick the bronchitis the antibiotics aren’t touching.  Or the rash the dermatologist’s cream doesn’t affect.

Ok, ok, I know in this country we really can’t do that.  Not really. 

Thankfully, there are glimmers of hope in my books and magazines and on the internet.  I  just have to be diligent about doing my research.  Now that I’ve done the research, it’s time to be my own guinea pig.  At least herbs don’t have the scary side-effects, so being my own guinea pig isn’t really that scary.

First up is to find an herbal alternative for my migraine pharmaceuticals.  In a few weeks I’ll order the herbs I need from a bulk herb store and proceed to brew up a tincture to take at the first sign of migraine pain.  We’ll see how well it works.  It may take some tweakage to fine tune it, but I’m willing.  Maybe I’ll even share what I learn.

I have other plans for salves and other tinctures to use this year as well.  I’m on a journey to continue to find ways to be more frugal and believe me herbs are far cheaper than doctors and migraine meds. 

Do you use herbs medicinally?


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