Canning Roast and Freezing Cheese

Even though I desperately wanted a nap after Church today, I fortified myself with peanut m&m’s and got down to business preserving some of the extra food I picked up this past week.

First I got out the 14 pounds of roast.


Yep, that’s a lot of roast and normally would have broken the bank to buy, but one of the stores in town had a B1G1 sale going on so it made the final price only $3 a pound.  Not an outstanding price perhaps, but definately a good price for boneless cross rib roast. 

I decided to do a raw pack process for this round of canning.  It’s soooo easy.  I just cut the roasts up into about 1 inch pieces and packed them into the clean jars.  I forgot to add salt, but it’s really ok if you don’t. 


Pop the warm lids on and put on the rings finger tight.  Put them into the canner and process normally for 75 minutes for the pints.  The pints hold about a pound which is perfect for most recipes.

Here’s the finished product.


The canning process cooks the meat so it’s ready to go whenever you need it.  Now I can just open a jar and have stroganoff or stew in minutes.  Plus, this was cheaper than buying the stew meat I had been buying to make those same recipes.  A win-win situation.

Since dairy products are on the rise and may go astronomical, I stocked up a bit this last shopping trip.  I bought an extra 5 pound bag of shredded cheddar cheese and needed to get it repackaged for the freezer.  Enter my new Foodsaver!  Just seal up some bags and pop in the cheese then vacuum pack them.


Off to the freezer to wait til I need them.  I also bought extra butter and cream cheese which are also in the freezer.  Now if only milk would actually thaw properly when frozen I would have bought extra milk.  Sadly, I haven’t had much luck in that department.

Now I’m off to do a little Bible study….it is Sunday afterall.

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  1. gardenoflisa
    Jan 01, 2013 @ 16:11:15

    Found you on Living Green Tuesday 🙂 Great job canning the roast and freezing cheese! Although milk separates when you freeze it, you can still shake it up and use it. You can also can milk with your pressure canner. It will taste cooked, but it’s good in recipes.


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