Faux Tie-Dye

Today was “Hippie” day with the girls.  We made faux tie-dyed shirts and read stories and drew pictures.

The tie-dye project is really easy.  It requires a white t-shirt, sharpie markers, spray bottles, rubbing alcohol, plastic cups and rubber bands.



Place a cup in the middle of the shirt and stretch the shirt over the top of the cup securing with a rubber band to give a firm drawing surface.  Draw your design with the marker color of your choice.  Spray the design with rubbing alcohol.  Wait a few minutes for the marker to run or tie-dye the design then move to another spot and repeat.





Once the shirt is finished, put it in the dryer for 30 minutes to set the colors.  Then when ready to wash, wash in cold water.

Once we finished our project, we started reading one of the chapter books I brought over.  I gave them a choice of The Swiss Family Robinson, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Caddie Woodlawn.  They chose Caddie Woodlawn.  The idea was to read a chapter or two and then draw pictures of what happened in the story. 

Well, we ended up reading 8 chapters and drawing loads of pictures.  Monster kept saying.  “More, more!”  She was really into the story and her pictures showed it too.  She can’t wait til we can get back together and read some more of the story.  I think my idea was a good one.

Another tiring, but good day with the girls.



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