Gift Idea for Teachers and Others

I can’t remember where I saw this idea, but I thought it was perfect for those ladies in your life that might be hard to buy for like your kids teachers or maybe your female boss.  It’s a spa basket.  Here’s the finished product.


It wasn’t all that expensive to make and if you did it all from the dollar store it would be even cheaper.  I started out with a trip to the dollar store to find some basic items.  First up, a nice container.


Then I added a microfiber washcloth (found in a pack of 3), a net sponge, a loofah sponge, a bottle of rose scented bath salts, and a pack of two tealight candle holders. I picked up some tealights at Wallyworld.




I ordered some handmade soaps from a lovely Etsy shop and oh my do they smell heavenly.  I was going to make my own soap, but ran out of time to get it processed for this year.


Then I also added some homemade sugar scrub and milk bath and a bit of decadent candy.



Put everything into the basket with some tissue paper to make it look nice and there you have it!  A very lovely spa basket.  The most expensive items were the handmade soaps, but you could make your own or use a national brand instead.

This was quick, easy, inexpensive and will be a welcome change for my boss and my husband’s boss for Christmas this year.  This would also be especially nice for teachers instead of the normal teacher oriented gifts….something out of the ordinary.


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