Ranch Dressing Master Mix Recipe Review

This is another recipe in The Master Mix Way e-book. 

I mixed this one up a week or so ago in preparation for making Cornflake Chicken.  You need to dip the chicken in ranch dressing before rolling in cornflakes. 

Anyway, the master mix makes enough to fill a pint canning jar about halfway.  That’s quite a bit of mix.  The basic dip or dressing mix only takes 2 tablespoons of the seasoning mix so it will last a good while making the mix rather cost effective to make. 

The directions for making the dressing make up a dressing that is a little thick for me so I adjusted the measurements of milk and mayonaise a bit for our liking.  The regular measurements make a really nice dip consistency.

Now for the flavor.  Oh. My. Goodness.  This stuff is GOOD!  It makes the store-bought stuff seem insipid.  This is what Ranch Dressing is supposed to taste like.  I have been making excuses to use it….on celery, on hotdogs, on crackers, on cold pizza, on anything I can think of. 

Yet another keeper from The Master Mix Way.  You can get your own copy from The Welcoming House blog.


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