Christmas With Mrs. Scrooge

Christmas is coming along rather well at Mrs. Scrooge’s house.  I’m not bah-humbugging too much.

I’ve made one large shopping trip the day after Thanksgiving, but I did NOT go out until late afternoon when most of the crazies had already departed for home.  I did a lot of damage to my Christmas shopping list that day.

Then I hit the internet.  Yes!  I love shopping in my jammies and having things delivered to my door.  I’ve found cool stuff for the girls that aren’t in your favorite big box stores.  Score for the Nana!

I have a few more things to find and then I’m done.  Whew!  Next up?  Shipping things off hither and yon.  That won’t be too bad though.

The Christmas tree is up and lit thanks to the hubby, but alas it is bauble-less at the moment.  I’ve been remiss in my decorating chores.  Hopefully I will get to that this weekend.  Hubby needs to find a day when it is nice out and he feels good enough to hang the outside lights.

Tomorrow, the plan is to bake oodles of cookies for the cookie exchange next week and freeze them.  That’s the plan.  We’ll see how it goes.

How are your Christmas plans coming along?


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