Books and Cooking

Books are very important to me.  From the time I figured out the mysteries of reading in kindergarten, books have been highly important to me.  They went everywhere with me as a child, young teenager and even young adult.   The advent of e-readers has made me postively giddy.  I can carry hundreds of books with me in less than the space it takes to carry one paperback.

Recently, I have experienced a lack of joy in reading my normal genres of reading material.  Sci-fi, Christian romance, mysteries hold no appeal for me.  I am craving non-fiction in great quantities, particularly cookbooks.  I read cookbooks as if they were novels. Maybe it’s the time of year.  Afterall, it is the season to do lots of extra cooking and baking.  Anyway, to assuage that craving I purchased a hard copy of a book dedicated to sauces.  Lots and lots of different kinds of sauces.  From the basic french sauces to thai, cambodian, cuban, mexican….you name it and I think the sauce may be in this book.  I can’t wait to try some of them out.  In fact, my next shopping trip will include ingredients for Ragu Bolognese and a couple others.  Yum!

Now, I’m drooling over a book of 660 curries.  Oh my!  This close to Christmas I dare not go ahead and purchase it.  I really should wait and see if anyone gives me a Barnes and Noble gift card.  But, oh the waiting may just kill me.  I love curries of all kinds and the thought of 660 new ones to peruse and plan to create in my own kitchen! Yikes!  I really should stay off the Barnes and Noble website lol.

I  hope you all had a filling and wonderful Thanksgiving!


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