Sometimes It’s The Little Things

It’s not always the big things in life that make the biggest differences.  Too often, the really big things are a one-shot deal.  Sure, you can “save 15% on car insurance”.  But, what about your grocery budget or your heating bill?

I can line my windows on the inside with bubble wrap and cut down on my  heating bills.  Why would I do that?  I’m gone most of the day, my curtains stay closed, the bubble wrap is clear and you can’t see it from the street, it insulates my single pane windows and it’s cheap and easy to put up and take down.  It’s a little thing that saves me money on my heating bills.

I can make five gallons of homemade laundry soap for less than $3.  This lasts me for at least three months or more of regular laudry loads.  That’s $1 a month.  That saves me at least $15 on cheap, liquid laundry detergent.  It’s a little thing.

I make my own general cleaning spray, hot chocolate mix, bulk cookie mix, enchilada gravy mix, helping hand hamburger mix, cornbread mix, italian seasoning, all-purpose herbal seasoning mix, ranch dressing mix, brown gravy mix, chicken gravy mix, chili seasoning, canned chicken.  All little things that save me money.

I cook from scratch as much as possible, not relying on pre-made boxes and packages.  A little thing that saves me money.

I drink ice water instead of soda/pop/coke.  A little thing.

My husband and I both take our lunches to work each day instead of eating out.  A little thing.

Whenever possible I take leftovers for lunch instead of a lunchmeat sandwich.  A little thing.

There are more little things that I do to save money and make a difference in our lives than big things.  You can’t always count on big things, but you can usually find little things to do that won’t cost you a lot of time or money.

What little things do you do?

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