Musuem Elves

Today I finally got to take the girls to the museum to look for the elves.  Well, ok, 9 elves and two moving butterflies.  We had a GREAT time!  It was so  much fun looking for the elves hiding inthe dioramas all over the museum.  Literally on every floor in every section of the museum there were painted elves hidden in the dioramas.  Thank goodness we had written clues on where to find them because some of them were pretty difficult to find.  A couple of them were pretty simple thankfully so we took pictures.

In the process of finding the elves we, of course, had to have fun with the the rest of the museum too.

And then we had to stop and have a snack.

We even took time to try on some togas for the Pompeii exhibit.

Then it was off to the museum shop because, well,  I am a good Nana and I do have to spoil them.

It was a tiring, fun, enjoyable, laughter-filled, awesome day.  Can’t wait to see them again.


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