My Favorite “F” Word

No! Not that one!!!  


That’s my favorite “f” word.  And I got it in spades on Saturday.

Saturday was the annual Free Night at the Musuems here in town.  All the museums downtown were FREE, plus there were FREE shuttle busses to take you to all of them, plus there was FREE parking at at least one of them.

The Women’s group from church went plus some of the College group.  We had a blast.  We shuttled between several of the museums and took advantage of all the freebies available to us that night.

Personally, I and a friend went to the Molly Brown House and took a self-guided tour.  It has been restored to it’s 1910 splendor and is beautiful.  Dark and victorian, but beautiful. 

Then it was off to the Colorado History museum which has just reopened this year after extensive renovation.  It was A. Maze. Ing.  The first floor….floor….is a topographical map of the state.  Embedded into the floor are discs over which you can wheel “time machines” which will tell you the history of that area of the state.  Totally cool.  Then there were the replicas of the general store, the one-room school house, the log cabin, the gold mine, the ski slope, etc.  That one will definately need a re-visit in the future.

Other museums that were visited that night were the Botanical Gardens, the Art Museum, the Byers-Evans House, and the Museum of Nature and Science.

All-in-all it was a busy, but very fun evening.


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