Updates and Stuff

Today I was supposed to take the girls to the museum, but they needed to go see their great-grandpa so that will  have to wait for another day.  Instead, I’m thawing out 10 pounds of ground meat to brown and can up later this afternoon.

I really love the convenience of having canned ground meat on the shelf.  It snowed the other day so it was a good day to make chili for dinner.  A jar of canned ground meat, two jars of home canned pinto beans, two tablespoons of homemade chli seasoning, a chopped up onion, a can of tomato sauce and dinner was ready in 20 minutes.  It only took that long because I chose to simmer it for that amount of time.  Ea-sy. 

A few months back I bought an e-book on homesteading and began putting together a binder of information for my “homestead”.  Well, that binder grew until I had to split out some of the information into separate binders.  I took out all the information on herbs and all the d.i.y. stuff and gave them their own binders.  That left plenty of gardening, small livestock and other information in the main binder.  Now that the garden is done for the year I need to update that section so I’m ready for spring.  I also need to add in some recent articles I’ve found from some of my favorite magazines.  One article is on how to skin a snapping turtle.  I’ve heard they are good eating.  Hmmm……you might be a redneck if…..lol.

My d.i.y. binder has been growing by leaps and bounds.  From seasoning mixes to cleaning to baking to “helping hand” mixes.  Whenever I find them they go into the binder.  The chili seasoning I used a few days ago is just one of my “finds”.  Tonight I may use one of the “helping hand” recipes. Not only can they save you money, but generally doing those thngs yourself are better for you too. Love that double whammy.

Along with my d.i.y. binder is, of course, my newest e-book The Master Mix Way.  I have an herb order all ready to go in to an herb store so I can mix up some of the seasoning mixes.  I don’t quite have enough herbs on hand for everything I want to mix up.  I’m dancing on the inside with anticipation for all the good things I’m going to make and cook.  Can’t wait!

Saving money is on my mind today.  My dryer  lost it’s heating element on Thursday as I was trying to dry a load of towels.  Bummer!  We ordered the part, and hopefully hubby will be able to figure out how to replace it.  Not terribly worried about that; he’s my Mr. Fix-it.  Until then, I’m hanging clothes up to dry.  I don’t really mnd doing that except that I don’t have a good place to do it.  I’m having to hang them on hangers from the porch rafters.  It’s not pretty, but it works. I’d love to have a “real” clothesline, but there’s just no place to put one in our yard.

I’ve fallen a little behind in my cleaning schedule from all the canning I’ve been doing.  It’s time to get back to it.  Thankfully, the things I had cleaned and organized before all the canning have stayed cleaned and organized.  Now I just need to pick up where I left off.  I tend to tolerate more clutter than hubby, but even I have a limit to what I can handle.  At a certain point it makes me crazy and then I’m not so nice to be around until I take care of it.

I feel like things are spiraling towards the end of the year and I am so not ready.  I tend to be a Scrooge at this time of year anyway.  I love the purpose of the holidays, but not the frenzy of them.  I really have to guard against the bah-humbug attitude.  It takes a concerted effort on my part.  So, if you pray you might want to say one for my attitude to stay on track. 

Sinse those holidays are just around the corner I am evaluating what things I want to make to share this season.  I have some great ideas in store.  Now, to find the time to get them done.  That may be the tricky part lol.

I am blessed beyond measure and hope you are too.  Have a great weekend!



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