The Master Mix Way E-book Review

A week ago I purchased a brand new e-book from a fellow blogger and have been perusing it ever sinse.  I have to say, it was well worth the purchase. 

The e-book is called The Master Mix Way by Heather Estey of The Welcoming House blog.  It is a collection of fifty, well, master mixes.  The mixes range from baking mixes tocooking mixes to soup mixes to drink mixes.  It has a little bit of everything. Do you want to save money in the kitchen?  Do you want to save time?  How about both?  Then this is definately the book for you. 

I am personally looking forward to trying out her brown gravy mix, and her All-purpose Herbal Master Seasoning Mix first.  It’s just a matter of gathering the ingredients and finding an empty container. Those little packets and jars are expensive!!  And I can go through them in half a heartbeat.  I’d far rather have my own mix sitting in the pantry just waiting for me than spending oodles on those little drips and dollops the stores sell.  Wouldn’t you?

The e-book is available off her website in pdf format or mobey format for e-readers.  Go check it out and check out her amazing blog for even more frugal ideas and tips.  Go on, you know you want to!


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