Busy Weekend

It was a very busy weekend coupled with my cold.  Which, by the way, is already gone.  Yay!

Saturday morning hubby cooked breakfast for the Women’s Ministry.  Eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast, pancakes, fruit, juice, coffee.  Yum.  It was our fall kick-off breakfast to let the women know what is coming up in the next twelve months.  It’s gonna be a great year!  Lots of different activities for all the ladies.

After that it was time for my accountability meeting.  We are progressing.  Slowly, but progressing.  Time to ramp things up a little though.

Once I got home it was time to process the second box of peaches.  I ended up with 5 quarts of peaches and 4 quarts of peels and pits.  Next, peeling, coring, and slicing eight pounds of apples.  The apples went really quickly as a friend had loaned me a nifty peeler/slicer/corer.  It’s great!  Lastly, I peeled and chopped four quarts of potatoes.

Sunday was church, but I had to leave early due to my cold.  Detox bath, nap and my soup from an earlier post and I definately felt better.  I finished up three more quarts of potatoes and got them all ready for canning on Monday.

Monday morning I canned up 7 quarts of potatoes.  I had some leftover which was actually good as I used them for potato salad.  Hubby grilled lots for me and we had a small feast.

The only thing I didn’t get to this weekend was  making more soap.  I have two quarts of goats milk in the freezer just for this purpose.  Oh well, I still have plenty of time to get it made and dried for Christmas gifts.

It was a good weekend, in spite of the cold.


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