I was gifted with more free produce yesterday and part of it was a bag of lemon cucumbers.  So, what’s a girl to do but make pickles!  Hubby really likes bread and butter pickles so I looked up a recipe for them that seemed simple enough having never made pickles before. 

First I washed off the cucumbers.  They really were fresh-picked.

Then I started chopping.

I brought the pickling ingredients to a boil and then added the cucumber chunks.

After boiling the cucumbers in the solution for about 2 minutes, I spooned the cucumber chunks into jars and filled them up with the liquid.  Water bath canned them for 20 minutes and now I have pickles!

I hadn’t planned on making pickles this season as we really don’t use too many of them, but when you are gifted with cucumbers it’s the least you can do.  I’m happy and hubby will be happy too.

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