Would You Like Some Cheese And Crackers…….

with that whine?

The cord for my good camera died so I can’t post any pictures.  Whine.

Class is kicking my rear end.  Whine.

We busted yet another soaker hose in the garden.  Whine.

I have soooo much to do and so little time to get it all done each day.   Whine.

Sigh.  Ok.  Done with the whining.  Life is not really so very bad, except when things start to pile up.

Class is hard, but actually making some sense when the instructor explains what I;’ve read in the textbook.  I think I’ll be ok really, it’s just very brain taxing to try to remember everything.  I went and got some index cards to make flashcards for me and hubby.  I WILL pass this certification.  I will.

Hubby will figure out some way to get the garden watered on the timer.  He’s good at stuff like that.

The house is staying cleaner and I’m getting to some of the things I’ve been putting off by working the zones.  It’s not so hard really and it’s up to me to put more time into it when I can.  But, things are getting done regardless.

I can get a new cord at Wallyworld for the camera next week when I go shopping.  So my posts will be a little boring until then.  So be it.  At least I know it’s the cord and not the camera and the cord is pretty cheap.

Such a pity party I can have when I work myself up to it.  However, God is good ALL the time and I am blessed beyond measure.

Hope you’re having a great week.


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