What A Week

And it’s not over yet. 

This was our first week of school and my head is definately spinning.  I will absolutely have to keep up on the reading and going through the practice questions.  But, most of this is old-hat for hubby so he can help me when I get stuck.  Heaven help me over the next two months.  However, if I can pass the Network+ test and get the certification it will all be worth it.

Tomorrow is  my normal up-and-at-em cleaning and then off for my accountability meeting.  Then it’s back home to get ready for Sunday.  Why getting ready a day early?  Cuz we’re doing Church in the Park on Sunday.  May I just say…..yuck.  I’m not really a picnic kinda person.  And this will be an all day affair.  So, I need to get the food ready (broccoli salad and blueberry surprise), clean out the huge cooler, make up tea and lemonade to take with, pull out the camping chairs and sunblock.  Then there’s the h0mework I need to work in somewhere.  Sigh.

If I can work it in I’m gonna try a new bread recipe.  It’s supposed to only take an hour.  Huh.  We’ll see.  We’ll also see if it holds up to the whole high altitude thing.  I will prevail in making bread….eventually anyway.

That’s it for now.  Have a great weekend.


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