Garden Oopses, First Harvest, and New Things Coming

This is what happens when the temps are over 100 and you neglect your garden for a week or two.

I’ve never had a radish actually flower before.  Oops.  On the other hand, I do have some tomatoes finally ripening.  Can’t wait!  Also my tarragon, which I thought had given up the ghost, is coming back all on it’s own.  Yay! 

This is my first official harvest.  I pulled all the radishes and got a few green beans.  The radishes didn’t get very big this year, but they will still eat.

On the home-front there are some changes a-comin.  Hubby and I start class next week for our Network+ certification.  It’s a computer thang for those who don’t know.  Our job is offering the classes on-line and for free.  How could we pass that up?!  I’m not sure I’m really smart enough for this, but with hubby’s help I should be ok.  It will mean being tied to the computer and a headset for three hours a night, two nights a week.  Not to mention the homework.  The textbook is huge!  If you pray, say one for me please.

DS called just a bit ago and he is now at the halfway house.  Yay.  Now he can start getting the court stuff done and over with and out of his life…..preferably forever.  I’m already so over this.  If you pray, say one for him too please.

I haven’t done much DIY or crafty stuff lately and I’m feeling it.  I need to pull out my binders and do some more surfing.  I know there’s something I can accomplish this weekend to satisfy the craving.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Have a great weekend!


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