Saturday Accountability

Up at 7:30, get dressed, hair and makeup, dishes, counters, sweep and mop, clean the glass, start some laundry, make the bed, out the door.

That was my morning.  Then I was off to my accountability meeting with a friend.  She decided about a month ago now, that she needed to get some things straightened out in her life and I was the one to help her with them.  Oh joy. 

So, I’ve been designing a plan to help her get things on track financially, physically, and spiritually.  Baby steps.  Lots of baby steps.  I knew if I threw her into things too fast she would burn out and so would I.

See, I could design the plan and just hold her accountable to do the things I assign her to do.  But, really that’s not good enough.  If I don’t care enough about the plan to do it myself then why should she care?  So we are keeping each other accountable.  For most of it at least.  Her finances are in more of a stranglehold than mine are so we don’t worry too much about mine.  But, for all the other things we are both working on them.

Bible reading, journaling, bible study, bible memorization, sit-ups and push-ups, menu planning.  We are doing a lot, but again in baby steps.  We’ll get to the goal soon enough, but we want it to stick.

That’s what friends are for.


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