Saturday Odds and Ends

It was once again my day to clean, run errands and do some things just for me.  The week was pretty uneventful, unless you count sending my truck to the shop and having to call a plumber in for a leaking pipe that hubby couldn’t fix.  Whew!  I was certainly glad for the weekend to get here.

So, after I got the house mostly in order and started some laundry I was off to Barnes and Noble for my weekly book download.  This week I also bought a few “under $5” books.  One in particular is a bible study on Proverbs 31.  I’m only on the frst day of the study and wow! is it convicting!.  In a good way of course.

I also picked up some of my favorite magazines.

The garden has pretty much taken off.  We had few days where we didn’t water as much as normal as the soaker hose busted so a few plants are looking a little worse for wear, but most things are fine.

I even have flowers on my zuchinni.  Yay!

Being Saturday, it’s also my day to experiment and DIY.  This week I’m trying my hand at making a “toddy” for iced coffee.  I have a bad habit of stopping at 7-11 on my way to church and picking up an iced mocha.  It’s not as expensive as say, Starbucks, but it is still money I probably shouldn’t be spending.  And, sinse I already have coffee on hand for hubby, I thought I would give this a try.  First I have to soak the ground up coffee for at least 12 hours.

After that I will strain it and use it as concentrate to make my own iced coffee.  It should save me a considerable amount of money if it works to my satisfaction.  We’ll see tomorrow if it does.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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