Memorial Day 2012

Today is the day we remember those who have served and are serving in our Armed Forces.

Hubby did his stint in the Navy.

Today is also the day that marks the first day of summer, the first day the grill is fired up, the first camping trip of the season.  It’s also a day to enjoy great food.

For us, that meant the Grill Master was in action.

He was grilling up steaks,

And brats, and hotdogs.

Inside we had baked beans,

potato salad, black olives, sweet pickles, and deviled eggs.

For dessert there was the family tradition…..Blueberry Surprise.

Start with a basic nut crust.  I used pecans.

Next, a layer of sliced bananas

Soften up some cream cheese

Add some whipped cream.  You could use homemade, but I was lazy

A couple splashes of vanilla

A half cup of sugar

Spread it over the bananas

Top with a can of blueberry pie filling.  Of course it would be better with homemade, but I haven’t made it into canning yet.

Pop this into the fridge to chill for a few hours.  If you can stay out of it that long.

How was your Memorial Day?


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