Friday Musings and “The Shining” Hotel

It has been a really long week, but fortunately we are up to the long weekend.  Yay!  I can’t wait! 

This weekend I intend to make my very first ever batch of homemade soap.  I have all the equipment and ingredients gathered. I plan to get up early and run through the housecleaning so I can get it started early. 

After that I intend to spend some time with a friend, Church and visitation on Sunday, and major BBQ on Monday.  Ah….the summer fun begins.

While we ladies were on our retreat we had some free time so DIL-to-be, one of my friends and I went into town to visit and tour the Stanley Hotel made famous by Steven King’s The Shining. The hotel  and the grounds are gorgeous.

The view of Lake Estes from the hotel.

This is the main lobby seating areas.

Here are pictures of the main stair case going up to the hotel rooms.   We were not allowed to go up as it is for guests only.

The hotel was built by F.O. Stanley who built the Stanley Steamer cars.  Here’s one in the lobby.

We decided to take a tour of the Concert Hall which is supposedly the most “active” paranormally.  DIL-to-be is really into the whole ghost thing.  Me?  I have an opinion that is not generally accepted by mainstream folks so I’ll just keep that to myself.

Anyway, it is a lovely old building.  It was being set up for a wedding.

It was a beautiful hotel to visit and it was great to take a break from the retreat and just chill for a few hours. 

Check back tomorrow.  I hope to have pictures of my soapmaking.  Otherwise, have a great weekend!



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  1. Reserved Love
    May 26, 2012 @ 02:05:20

    It’s amazing that you visited this hotel. The Shining was and still is one of my favorite movies. Love the post 🙂


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