Prepping for Breakaway

This weekend is our Women’s Retreat or Breakaway.  And I’m in charge.  Oy vey.

I’m in the midst of massive prepping to finish getting ready for it. Not only do I need to finish printing out the announcement sheets, but I need to practice my lessons and make sure all the other printables are done and in the bag ready to go.  Oh, did I mention I’m teaching two lessons this year?  And again….oy vey.

We like to take good care of our ladies on retreat so we have coffee and snack tables available the whole weekend.  I did my fairly extensive shopping trip on Saturday to pick up everything we need for it.

However, that is not the most effective method of transporting everything up to the mountains.  We are taking a truck (as usual) so I packed everything into a plastic tote.  Much nicer.

yes those are marshmallows. Of course we have s’mores!

While I’m almost ready for the retreat itself, I need to make sure things on the homefront are taken care of.  Yes, hubby is quite capable of taking care of himself, but I like to know he’s not subsisting on cold cereal and delivery pizza.  I’ll be cooking up his favorite dish (African Chicken) for him and I will have cold cereal and frozen pizza for him so he can have a “break” as well.

When I get home on Saturday afternoon, I know I will be far too pooped to even think about dinner so I’m making dinner tonight to freeze for Saturday.  I wanted something easy, something I could do in the crockpot tonight, and, bonus, a bean meal sinse we are trying to eat more beans to save on the grocery budget.  This is what I came up with…..Split Pea and Potato Soup.  Easy ingredients…..

A bag of split peas, about 6 potatoes diced, one onion chopped fine with 5 or 6 small cloves of garlic, and bacon.  I popped the bacon into the oven while I worked on tonight’s dinner.  Thank you Alton Brown and Food Network for that little trick.  So much easier than standing over the stove.

Put all the ingredients into the large crockpot crumbling the bacon.  Add a good sprinkle of basil and a good handful of dried thyme crushed up.  No salt yet, don’t want to harden the split peas. Water to cover, give it a good stir and let it simmer away on low overnight.  Tomorrow I will put it into containers for the freezer.  I’ll call hubby Saturday morning to pull the containers out of the freezer and I’ll reheat it when I get home and up from my much-needed  nap.

Oh, and tonight’s dinner?  BBQ chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy.  Hubby had corn too, but I didn’t want any for me.  Yum.

I’ll be doing my regular bi-weekly shopping early this week so I won’t have to cram it in on Sunday after church.  Busy, busy week.


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