New Additions To The Garden

Yesterday Hubby and DIL-to-be went to the home and garden store and scored me some pretties.  Hubby wanted more flowers around the garden to attract more bees this year.  Last year was not a very productive year for us in the garden and we think bees were the answer.  So, they picked me up some petunias and pansies….

And some gerbera daisies…..

Then hubby also picked me up a blueberry bush.  We somehow killed our one supposed fruit tree (although I never saw any fruit on it, just flowers) and hubby felt bad about it.  He saw the blueberries and I was instantly enamoured with the idea. 

And here, finally, is my first rose of the season.

I’m in a mini garden-heaven.  I have vegies, herbs, flowers and even fruit!  Yay for me!  I love it.

Anything new in your garden?

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