I don’t like stress.  In fact, I hate stress.  I’m not sure I do well with stress.  No, scratch that.  My husband would say I definately do not do well with stress.  And yet, here I am.

I have waaaay too many irons in the fire this month.  I have a Women’s Retreat to finish getting ready for which could include coming up with a second lesson if my cohort can’t make it (which is entirely possible), printing out name tags, and agendas, and check-in packets, and game pages, and lesson printables, and and and…..

Then there’s getting ready for vacation.  Yes, it is still a month away, but if I don’t get some things set up and ready now I will kill someone the last few days before we leave. 

I have ds’s court and the potential fall-out from that.

I have the normal work, housekeeping, laundry, cooking, shopping, etc.

I’m stressed.  I’ll be so thankful to get through this month intact and without maiming anyone.  I will be soooo ready for vacation.  I can’t wait to just get away.

If you pray, say one for me.  Thanks.


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