Still A Working Saturday

In spite of going car shopping this morning, I still had work to do today.  After we got back from getting the car I zoomed through the house cleaning and threw in some laundry so I could tackle a few other things. 

Remember the jar of citrus cleaner I was making?  Today I strained it out…..

And this is what I now have. 

It smells heavenly.  I put the old citrus peels down the disposal and my kitchen smells really good too.  I’ll be using this cleaner diluted half with water for my general cleaning.  I like the way this turned out so much I started two more jars of citrus peels and vinegar.  This time I’m using lemons.

Next I decided it was high time to bake some brownies.  Hubby loves brownies and I’m kind of partial to them as well.  Remember the cake mixes and frosting tubs I bypassed yesterday?  Well, today I pulled out all my simple ingredients (including my vanilla sugar I’ve had curing for a couple of weeks – yum) and actually baked from scratch.

It didn’t take any more time than using a box mix and it was definately cheaper.  And while they aren’t particularly “good” for you, they are immensely better than the i-can’t-pronounce-the-ingredients box mix. Don’t they look yummy?

Here they are with the frosting setting up nicely.

I also planted marigolds and nasturtiums in some pots to put around the garden to hopefully draw the bees.  We’ll see how well they work.

Dinner (Moroccan Meatballs) is simmering on the stove and I’m ready to put my feet up for a bit.  Hope you’ve had a wonderful and blessed Saturday.


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