Shopping With A Twist

Today was my normal shopping day, but I had a twist to it.  I signed up with the National Consumer Panel a few weeks ago and I got my scanner this week.  Now, I need to scan the barcode of every item I purchase so my shopping trips will be transmitted to the NCP each week.  It made shopping a tiny bit slower, (yes I know I’m probably supposed to scan everything once I get home)but not appreciably. 

I was very good on my shopping trip today.  I caught myself looking at the cake mixes and frosting tubs and reminded myself I can make all those things from scratch with ingredients I already have on hand.  And for a lot less money. I even ended up saving $100 from my grocery budget.  Ok, I’m impressed.

It’s a good thing I’m saving so much money in one area of our lives at least, because on the way home from work the transmission gave out in our car.  We are now down to one vehicle.  I know for many that’s not a big deal, but for us it is.  Happily, we are going car shopping tomorrow to replace the Audi that was totaled not too long ago.  Sigh.  Now if only the car can be fixed quickly and cheaply I will be a very happy camper.  Whatever happens there, God is not surprised and He has a plan for the situation.  I’ll post pictures if we actually buy something tomorrow.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. becky3086
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 09:47:24

    A transmission quickly and cheaply….pretty unlikely. Sorry to hear about your car troubles. We have them all the time too and using just one vehicle sucks.


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