I’m going to Maine.

I hadn’t actually planned on it, but for vacation in June I will be going to Maine.  My husband has a relative there that it is kind of important for him to go see.  I’ve never been to Maine and he asked me to go with him.

I love to travel, but I have to be honest it kind of messes up my vacation plans.  I had planned to do lots of cleaning and projects during that week.  At first hubby was going to go to Maine by himself which really opened up my time for my plans.  Now…..not so much.

Now I ‘m going to have to cram as much cleaning and project doing in three days as I can get.  We’ll be gone Tuesday thru Saturday so by Monday afternoon I need to be done.  Then I’ll need to finish up any packing that’s left to do.  It’ll be a challenge.

I have to say I’m kind of looking forward to the trip.  Did I mention I love to travel?  I love going new places and seeing the sites and checking out the history.  Hubby was stationed in Maine for several years so he’ll be showing me his old haunts as well.

Anyone out there from Maine?  Any good touristy ideas for us?  I have no shame when it comes to playing tourist so most anything goes.  I’m open to ideas.


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